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Wet N Wild 'Spoiled' Toad-Ally Awesome

New Polish!
My local CVS finally got the new Wet N Wild nail polish line "spoiled" in stock and they are 2/$3! That's $.50 off each bottle. At full price it's still great, priced at $1.99. I have two colors so far and the rest of the were really interesting. There are a lot of glitters and brights in the line but overall it's very multifarious. I was on the hunt for a nice dusty green and I was so excited to see "Toad-ally Amazing" which is a greeny robins egg or a bluey seafoam. (lol) It's also very shimmery. The kind of shimmer that reminds me of colors like OPI's Petal Faster Suzi!, and Nicole by OPI's Kim-pletely in Love. 

On to the review!

Before I applied: 
I love the bottle, it reminds me of the sinful colors bottles which are based off the China Glaze bottles. But the Spoiled ones have a square base which is...irrelevant. The brush stem is flat and ovular and the bristles are wide, long, and flimsy. I've never had a nail polish with a brush like this before. The brush is not rounded at the tip like the Dior nail polish brushes though, it looks like it was supposed to be but its straight across for the most part.

Here's a comparison, the base of the brush is similar but the bristles are very different. The Dior ones are firmer and lay flatter. 


picture from here

Time to apply the polish!

Here's my nails before....
 After one coat (the smudge on the thumb was totally my fault.) It's kinda smooth but I wasn't wearing a base coat so I'm not really sure how it applies to my other polishes. It's rather thin as you can see. The thumb was a thick coat, more like 1.5 and the pointer was purposely a thin coat which I normally don't do.
 Here's after a 2nd coat! I never wait for my polish to dry to put on a second coat unless it was an accident and I had something to do. But this polish actually dried amazingly fast and  it wasn't tacky at all. The second coat went on great filling in the crazy streaks from the first coat. You can see some lines on my thumb but, like I said, I wasn't wearing a base coat or ridge-filler so I'm pretty sure that's just my nail.

Attractive bottle
Wide brush makes for quicker application
Color is gorgeous
Polish looks great without a top coat (I didn't use one in these pictures)
Season appropriate and different from most sea foam/turquoises
The shimmer is so pretty!
Needs no more than two coats
Second coat evens everything out
Unattractive label (looks sort of tacky)
Really streaky on first coat
You have to do two coats, you can't get away with one thick coat really
Very thin consistency
Brush seemed cheap, but it didn't inhibit polish application

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