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Easter Chick Nail Art *TUTORIAL*

I made this easter chick nail art, inspired by all the cute chickies you see around this time of year. I made a video tutorial so I'll just link straight to that! :)


China Glaze Avant Garden Photos+Review

        China Glaze Avant Garden Spring 2013
         I picked up three colors from the new Spring Collection from  China Glaze at my local Ulta (they're buy two get one free this week, meaning that with the $3.50 off $10 coupon its cheaper than Sally's beauty!) 

The first color I got is a shimmery white called Dany Lyin' Around..
I tried this on and was really impressed with the opaqueness. I've found that china glaze polishes with shimmer are typically not streaky. Most china glaze polishes are thin which could be a factor helping them not be streaky. I only needed two coats for perfect opaqueness which is nice with anything but this is a WHITE! So that's really impressive. I almost always apply one thin coat and then one rather thick coat so if you apply all thin coats you could probably use three.
This is a lovely dark fucshia with super subtle blue shimmer. I started to swatch it and realized I have a polish that is extremely similar. So similar, in fact, that I am going to return this. It is nicely opaque in one medium-thick coat but I decided to not paint the rest of my nails since I am returning it. For the record the similar polish is Folly from Sinful Colors, it has no shimmer so I like the China Glaze color more, so if you do not already have a color like this I highly recommend it.
Fancy Pants is a rich grape purple with pinkish shimmer. It's extremely thin and takes two/three coats to be even (More likely two). I noticed that it dried faster than Dandy Lyin' Around- possibly because there is less shimmer. You don't need to use very thick coats to get this to be even. With Dandy Lyin' Around, you have to use rather thick coats to avoid having to do too many of them.

Overall: I found the collection to be a good combination of staples and unique colors; there are two halves, the pastels and the brights. I am not sure which color I will trade Snap My Dragon but I'll swatch it and post my review soon!

   goshhhH! I'm sorry I totally forgot to clean up around the edges, yucky, I'll do better next time :)


Pastel Bunny NOTD

A bunny design was requested by my lovely viewer, trenitynailart. I, unfortunately, deleted the video footage of this tutorial so I'll explain the steps as best as I can. Also, I'm going to do a SECOND bunny tutorial that will be up WITH VIDEO asap :) 


Essie TrillionNails base coat, L'OREAL Penthouse pink, Sally hansen White On, Essence  Exits on the Right
Tools: Pencil, nail art brushes, Q-tip, and dotting tool- Get creative! ;)
Acyrlics- NOTE: I do not recommend using a paint as your base color, they're much better for detail work.

  1. Start by prepping your nails however you like, I'll have a video on my favorite polish removers, base coats, and files soon :) 
  2. Paint your base color, I chose a sky blue so that my non-bunny nails would look like a cloudy sky with grass. To see basically the same steps with different colors, check out this sunny day nail tutorial. To make it even simpler you could just use a dotting tool and do different pastel colored dots :) 
  3. Choose your bunny nails and bunny polish color- I recommend just choosing 1 or two of your biggest nails whenever you do animals because you'll be focused on them and they'll look cuter as accents- IN MY OPINION, do whatever your heart fancies!
  4. I used a dotting tool for a big circle-head, and oval-ears. Then I used the same shirt, nose and inner ear color on the tip of a sharpened pencil.
  5. I used a tiny nail art brush for the whiskers, if you don't have one try a pin but a toothpick's probably too big.
    1.  NOTE: The way I did my bunnies (with whiskers and a nose only) is just my personal painting style and also, frankly, easier. If you like you can take the time to include a mouth or eyes but if you're a n00b then leave them out because they're the easiest way to make a  wonky looking animal. (I have an aptitude for accidental-cross eyes :P )
  6.  Don't forget to clean around the edges, I love these precision tipped Q-tips from Target. 
  7. Top coat's also a really good idea ESPECIALLY if you've used acrylic paints! 
I hope you enjoy, please let me know if my text-tutorial was hard to follow. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I didn't plan on only having them. 

Here's your goal/inspiration- have fun! 


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