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Outer Space NOTD

This blackish color from Spoiled is my previously mentioned dupe for Smoke and Ashes from the Capitol Colors collection by China Glaze. I actually like it better because the green shimmer is smaller and more apparent. It also costs only $1.99! I guess you can't see it very well in the photos...I'll take a better picture next time I wear it.

Colors used:
Spoiled by Wet N Wild in Parking Meter Expired
Orly nail striping polish in Silver
NYC glitter top cost in White Lights Glitter


China Glaze Capitol Colors & Sally's Haul

I got them at Sally's for $4.99 each with my Sally's card. They are $5.99 without.

LUXE AND LUSH-- flaky top coat. Reflects all colors not just one family. It was much easier to remove than a normal glitter you just need the polish remover to soak through the clear polish and then the flakes will just come off with slight coaxing. (this is my experience using the Target brand strengthening nail polish remover.)

RIVETING-- Bright, bold orange with orange shimmer and sparkle. The first picture captures the color of the polish better. But you can see the sparkles in the second.

HOOK AND LINE-- browny silver. I wasn't planning to buy this one but when I saw it in real life I thought it was soo cool! It's not just plain silver.

The last one I got but not least is my first chrome-foil polish. It's Harvest Moon, which was originally called Cinna-mon before the copyright issues. It's a hard to photograph insanely sparkly foil and one of the few polishes that looks way better on the nail than in the bottle.


Cherry Blossom NOTD

Colors inspired by the Arizona Tea bottles. I can't remember the flavor...But it's the blue with blossoms.

My blossoms look more like buds in most cases...

Polishes and Paints used:
Minty blue: Essence
Brown: acrylic paint
Dusty rose: Jordana in grape
White: acrylic Paint in vanilla
Glitter: China Glaze in Luxe and Lush

Happy 2nd day of Spring!!
Ps. Dupe for CG Capitol colors Smoke& Ashes coming soon!


Dupes Found!

Just a quick update to say that I've found two exact duplicate colors of the two spoiled nail polish colors "Toad-ally..." and "Pumping gas". They art by Sinful colors. I have no idea which company is copying which but they are sold for the same price 1.99. Sinful Colors is at Target and Riteaid while Spoiled is exclusive to CVS.

Sinful Colors Nirvana = Spoiled Pumping Gas
Lovely swatch of Nirvana here

Sinful Colors Mint Apple = Spoiled Toad-Ally Awesome
*if you google swatches the shimmer looks more apparent on the Mint Apple.
A bottle shot here
My only comment is that SC has much more reliable brushes so if you're about to get a spoiled polish ; check the brush first! As for pigmentation and consistency, I can't say how they compare.



Wet n Wild 'Spoiled' - Pumping Gas

Spoiled "Pumping Gas"
Mini Review + Swatches

These new polishes are hitting the drugstores. The line is by Wet n Wild, a brand which I LOVE! I have some great polishes from them (Jezebel, Caribbean Frost, and Wildcard, if we're choosing favorites.) This line is around the same price as Sinful Colors but the product is pretty different. Sinful Colors runs on the sticky side and is more similar to OPI, these are thinner and don't remind me of any other brand I've tried. I hope you like this review and that the pictures are satisfactory.

I just did a review on another one of the Spoiled nail polishes so if you want to read what I think about the packaging, brush, and color selection click here!

Here we go!
One coat: (first one is a thick coat, second is a thin coat)
As you can probably tell, one thick coat is completely opaque! YAY! 
Here's a second coat on both: Even though one was opaque before, it looks even nicer with a second coat. I didn't not wait very long between applying coats. 

Brush even though it's weird doesn't works well on this creme polish.
Nonstreaky application as long as the first coat isn't super thin.
Opaque in one thick coat.
Dries VERY shiny and in a short amount of time even when a lot of polish is applied.
Probably the least sticky polish I've ever worked with.
Doesn't dry as quickly as "Toad-Ally Awesome". 
Dries a whole lot darker than it is in the bottle (I like the color it comes out to be a lot but I was hoping for a lighter brown.)
Slightly runny for a creme polish but the brush works well with the formulation.

OVERALL: Wow! For the price ($1.99 at CVS, currently on sale for 2/$3) these work really well. The application is great, the shine and drying time is unbeatable and even though the formulation and brush are new to me they worked well together. 

I definitely recommend this color but if you have other colors you've tried let me know what you think of them! I'm sure to pick up a few more colors!

Wet N Wild 'Spoiled' Toad-Ally Awesome

New Polish!
My local CVS finally got the new Wet N Wild nail polish line "spoiled" in stock and they are 2/$3! That's $.50 off each bottle. At full price it's still great, priced at $1.99. I have two colors so far and the rest of the were really interesting. There are a lot of glitters and brights in the line but overall it's very multifarious. I was on the hunt for a nice dusty green and I was so excited to see "Toad-ally Amazing" which is a greeny robins egg or a bluey seafoam. (lol) It's also very shimmery. The kind of shimmer that reminds me of colors like OPI's Petal Faster Suzi!, and Nicole by OPI's Kim-pletely in Love. 

On to the review!

Before I applied: 
I love the bottle, it reminds me of the sinful colors bottles which are based off the China Glaze bottles. But the Spoiled ones have a square base which is...irrelevant. The brush stem is flat and ovular and the bristles are wide, long, and flimsy. I've never had a nail polish with a brush like this before. The brush is not rounded at the tip like the Dior nail polish brushes though, it looks like it was supposed to be but its straight across for the most part.

Here's a comparison, the base of the brush is similar but the bristles are very different. The Dior ones are firmer and lay flatter. 


picture from here

Time to apply the polish!

Here's my nails before....
 After one coat (the smudge on the thumb was totally my fault.) It's kinda smooth but I wasn't wearing a base coat so I'm not really sure how it applies to my other polishes. It's rather thin as you can see. The thumb was a thick coat, more like 1.5 and the pointer was purposely a thin coat which I normally don't do.
 Here's after a 2nd coat! I never wait for my polish to dry to put on a second coat unless it was an accident and I had something to do. But this polish actually dried amazingly fast and  it wasn't tacky at all. The second coat went on great filling in the crazy streaks from the first coat. You can see some lines on my thumb but, like I said, I wasn't wearing a base coat or ridge-filler so I'm pretty sure that's just my nail.

Attractive bottle
Wide brush makes for quicker application
Color is gorgeous
Polish looks great without a top coat (I didn't use one in these pictures)
Season appropriate and different from most sea foam/turquoises
The shimmer is so pretty!
Needs no more than two coats
Second coat evens everything out
Unattractive label (looks sort of tacky)
Really streaky on first coat
You have to do two coats, you can't get away with one thick coat really
Very thin consistency
Brush seemed cheap, but it didn't inhibit polish application

Make a Wish! - Dandelion NOTD

Dandelion Puff Nail of the Day
Just a quick nail-of-the-day here!

My friend came over and we decided to paint our nails. I instantly fell in love with one of the polishes she brought, a holographic one from OPI. I believe it's Sapphire. If i'm wrong let me know. Anyways I saw a cute pic on pinterest of sky blue nails with a white dandelion puff and I wanted to try it out. I think mine's pretty horrible but I just want to say: I'm definitely getting a holographic color from OPI they are GORGEOUS! And apply and remove like a dream. 

Here's the pic!
I didn't really have the lighting to capture the holographicnosity but It's there! In the light I had the purple was showing a lot, it's slightly more blue. 

What's your favorite designer series or other holographic nail-polish?

Polish-Alchemy: Rose Gold

I was really wishing I had a rose gold nail polish but I didn't (still don't) so I just decided to test something out. It worked! This combination of polishes creates the rose-gold look from afar. Even though your eyes can distinguish the colors up-close, it still looks great!

I used a pearl finish rosy-nude and a find gold glitter top coat.

On the thumb you can see the separation of the colors and on the pinky you can see more of the final effect. I'll definitely be trying this out again in the spring!

Have you made any amazing polish combos? Did you try this out and did you like it? Let me know!


Converse Nails

Converse Nail Art
Turn your nails into retro converse!
Products used:
  • Background color: Hot Pink from Sinful Colors in "Folly"
  • Glitter: Ulta-brand in "PiƱata-yada-yada"
  • Tip and laces: L.A. Colors Art Deco nail polish striper in white
  • Accents: L.A. Colors Art Deco nail polish striper in black

This design is a much simpler version of some different converse-nails I've seen around. This was after a few days of wear. My top coat was starting to wear off, I don't remember what it was but I think it was a base/top coat combined which are generally less shiny. I tried painting an old OPI glow in the dark top coat over the glitter and it didn't work but its tinted slightly purple. 

Check out this tutorial from for a different take on the converse nails. 

Quidditch Nails

Quidditch Nail Art
Love quidditch? Try this design featuring keepers hoops and a golden snitch. 

Products needed:
Just a heads up: I'm really not sure about all these colors because I was at a friend's house and I kinda went nuts trying all her different golds and bronzes :)
  • Sky blue polish (mine was a dull acrylic paint so I used a pearly sheer white polish from ELF over top of the blue to add dimension)
  • Brown, black and option bronze for shadowing. I recommend a nail art brush or toothpick to make the skinny lines
  • White for optional clouds and snitch-wings
  • Gold and optional bronze for body of the snitch and design. 
  • Blue glitter to decorate  (mine's from Urban Outfitters)

In the car (natural light) taken with iPhone
Taken indoors with...indoor lighting.

My design is a simplified version of this beautiful design from Linda's Nail Art:

Vintage Spring-rose Nail Design

Vintage Spring-roses
This delicate and sophisticated spring design has a vintage feel and is pretty simple to achieve! 
Products used: 
  • Background color: China Glaze Innocence
  • Main rose color: New York Color Prospect Park Pink
  • Glitter (on pinky): Sally Hansen Strobe Light 
  • Stripes (on pointer and ring fingers): Sea Foam Green *I THINK*
  • Rose outline: Silver thin brush striper from Orly
  • Rose leaves: Craftsmart acrylic paint

What to do for the roses:
  1. Paint a circle-ish shape in your desired petal color
  2. Outline around the edge of the circle with your border color
  3. Make a few lines (see ring finger) or an upside down ribbon (see middle finger) to look like the petal overlapping.
  4. Paint triangle-like leaves on each side.

This design was inspired by this design:

I'm sorry to say that I have no idea where it came from because I can only track it back to If you know let me know and I'll give photo credit. 


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