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China Glaze Capitol Colors & Sally's Haul

I got them at Sally's for $4.99 each with my Sally's card. They are $5.99 without.

LUXE AND LUSH-- flaky top coat. Reflects all colors not just one family. It was much easier to remove than a normal glitter you just need the polish remover to soak through the clear polish and then the flakes will just come off with slight coaxing. (this is my experience using the Target brand strengthening nail polish remover.)

RIVETING-- Bright, bold orange with orange shimmer and sparkle. The first picture captures the color of the polish better. But you can see the sparkles in the second.

HOOK AND LINE-- browny silver. I wasn't planning to buy this one but when I saw it in real life I thought it was soo cool! It's not just plain silver.

The last one I got but not least is my first chrome-foil polish. It's Harvest Moon, which was originally called Cinna-mon before the copyright issues. It's a hard to photograph insanely sparkly foil and one of the few polishes that looks way better on the nail than in the bottle.

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