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Vintage Spring-rose Nail Design

Vintage Spring-roses
This delicate and sophisticated spring design has a vintage feel and is pretty simple to achieve! 
Products used: 
  • Background color: China Glaze Innocence
  • Main rose color: New York Color Prospect Park Pink
  • Glitter (on pinky): Sally Hansen Strobe Light 
  • Stripes (on pointer and ring fingers): Sea Foam Green *I THINK*
  • Rose outline: Silver thin brush striper from Orly
  • Rose leaves: Craftsmart acrylic paint

What to do for the roses:
  1. Paint a circle-ish shape in your desired petal color
  2. Outline around the edge of the circle with your border color
  3. Make a few lines (see ring finger) or an upside down ribbon (see middle finger) to look like the petal overlapping.
  4. Paint triangle-like leaves on each side.

This design was inspired by this design:

I'm sorry to say that I have no idea where it came from because I can only track it back to If you know let me know and I'll give photo credit. 

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