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Dupes Found!

Just a quick update to say that I've found two exact duplicate colors of the two spoiled nail polish colors "Toad-ally..." and "Pumping gas". They art by Sinful colors. I have no idea which company is copying which but they are sold for the same price 1.99. Sinful Colors is at Target and Riteaid while Spoiled is exclusive to CVS.

Sinful Colors Nirvana = Spoiled Pumping Gas
Lovely swatch of Nirvana here

Sinful Colors Mint Apple = Spoiled Toad-Ally Awesome
*if you google swatches the shimmer looks more apparent on the Mint Apple.
A bottle shot here
My only comment is that SC has much more reliable brushes so if you're about to get a spoiled polish ; check the brush first! As for pigmentation and consistency, I can't say how they compare.


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