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Wet n Wild 'Spoiled' - Pumping Gas

Spoiled "Pumping Gas"
Mini Review + Swatches

These new polishes are hitting the drugstores. The line is by Wet n Wild, a brand which I LOVE! I have some great polishes from them (Jezebel, Caribbean Frost, and Wildcard, if we're choosing favorites.) This line is around the same price as Sinful Colors but the product is pretty different. Sinful Colors runs on the sticky side and is more similar to OPI, these are thinner and don't remind me of any other brand I've tried. I hope you like this review and that the pictures are satisfactory.

I just did a review on another one of the Spoiled nail polishes so if you want to read what I think about the packaging, brush, and color selection click here!

Here we go!
One coat: (first one is a thick coat, second is a thin coat)
As you can probably tell, one thick coat is completely opaque! YAY! 
Here's a second coat on both: Even though one was opaque before, it looks even nicer with a second coat. I didn't not wait very long between applying coats. 

Brush even though it's weird doesn't works well on this creme polish.
Nonstreaky application as long as the first coat isn't super thin.
Opaque in one thick coat.
Dries VERY shiny and in a short amount of time even when a lot of polish is applied.
Probably the least sticky polish I've ever worked with.
Doesn't dry as quickly as "Toad-Ally Awesome". 
Dries a whole lot darker than it is in the bottle (I like the color it comes out to be a lot but I was hoping for a lighter brown.)
Slightly runny for a creme polish but the brush works well with the formulation.

OVERALL: Wow! For the price ($1.99 at CVS, currently on sale for 2/$3) these work really well. The application is great, the shine and drying time is unbeatable and even though the formulation and brush are new to me they worked well together. 

I definitely recommend this color but if you have other colors you've tried let me know what you think of them! I'm sure to pick up a few more colors!

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