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Nail Trend Spring 2013

To be honest I made this up but i just did in an hour ago and Ive gotten tons of compliments on it. It stems from the fact that I typically paint different tutorial designs on my hands so I can have more content to edit. Anyways my nails ended up one hand teal and one hand sea foam green and I had to walk out the door for flute.
Good alternative to the good old every-other nail color.


Country Girl Bandana Nails Tutorial

Another video tutorial today! I absolutely love this design, I'll defintely be doing it again, it's really not too hard! A great one for newbies with not many supplies!


NOTD Stormy Weather Nail Art

April showers have begun here in the Midwest...
Inspired by the poo-ish weather, I have made these thundercloud nails.

I took the time to make a JPEG tutorial, that I hope you will find helpful! I lost the footage to the video tutorial but if I can get it back I'll be uploading a tutorial to it as well.

Products used:
Sally Girl Purple (as base color)
Urban Outfitters Barstool (as rain)
Grey Acrylic Paint (as rain)
China Glaze Dandy Lyin' Around (as cloud)
Yellow Acrylic Paint (as lightning)
Revlon Blue Frost Glitter Top coat (on pinky & thumb)


Evil Eye Nail Art Tutorial

Evil Eye Nail Art Tutorial
Here's my newest video tutorial called Evil Eye Nail Art. It reminds me of Count Olaf's Tattoo
from Series of Unfortunate events. This design is really fun and easy to do, it doesn't need to be dainty or perfect, I like the edgy vibe of imperfect art. I hope that you like this design, and let me know what color irises you try out. I like purple and red or copper as well. You could also try to make it realistic with multi-colored irises and more delicate eyelashes.

Products used:
Sheer nude by Sally Girl
Black Acrylic Paint
Unpredictable by China Glaze
Sally Hansen White On

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