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Quidditch Nails

Quidditch Nail Art
Love quidditch? Try this design featuring keepers hoops and a golden snitch. 

Products needed:
Just a heads up: I'm really not sure about all these colors because I was at a friend's house and I kinda went nuts trying all her different golds and bronzes :)
  • Sky blue polish (mine was a dull acrylic paint so I used a pearly sheer white polish from ELF over top of the blue to add dimension)
  • Brown, black and option bronze for shadowing. I recommend a nail art brush or toothpick to make the skinny lines
  • White for optional clouds and snitch-wings
  • Gold and optional bronze for body of the snitch and design. 
  • Blue glitter to decorate  (mine's from Urban Outfitters)

In the car (natural light) taken with iPhone
Taken indoors with...indoor lighting.

My design is a simplified version of this beautiful design from Linda's Nail Art:

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