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Playful Polkadots Nail Art

Playful Polka-dots
A fun fresh polka-dotted design for any occasion!

  1. Apply a base-coat to your nails, I use Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
  2. Paint your nails your desired background color, I used Sinful Colors in Pullover (golden yellow creme)
  3. (optional) *after waiting more than 4 hours* Tape off your nail so that you can only make polka-dots along a set area, this will give you cut off polka-dots as seen on second finger from the left.
  4. Get a large dotting tool or the fat side of a wooden skewer and make a few big dots. I recommend doing this in one or two colors. I used Sinful Colors Folly (hot pink creme) and Sinful Colors Aquamarine (aqua creme).
  5. Take a small dotting tool, a pin, or the other side of the wooden skewer to paint little dots around the big ones. I recommend using two or three colors for this step. I used the same pink and blue as before.
  6. (optional) Find another object to make dots with (bobby pin, pencil tip) and add some medium sized dots for more dimension.

Remember you can change the color combination for any season/occasion!
Enjoy (:


Pansy NOTD

Brown- Pumping Gas by Spoiled
Petals- Diva of Geneva by OPI and an old weird shimmery pink.
Petals- Vanilla acrylic paint
Center- Pullover by Sinful Colors

These are inspired by Blognailedit, check out her blog, she does wonderful drawn picture tutorials.


Spring Cartoon Flowers NOTD

Colors used:
Sassy by Revlon (spring green)
Prospect Park Pink by New York Color

The colors ended up kind if looking like the flowers from Spongebob.



Blue on Blue Stitched NOTD

Stitched Nail of the Day

A cute blue on blue design inspired from a lovely nail-blog I've just discovered!

Products used:

  • Sinful Colors (lighter blue) in Aquamarine

  • LA Colors Art Deco nail polish striper in white

  • Pure Ice (darker blue) 

From afar you don't really see the two different colors as much. If you have two colors that are even closer together, I highly recommend that to get a more subtle effect.

Up close you can see all I did was paint the nail lighter blue, add stripes of dark blue and dashed lines of white.

I just put the white lines wherever I wanted to make the blue lines end. Some lines were a little too thick or wispy along the edges so I just covered it with the "stitches"!

Here is my inspiration from blognailedit!

see her original blog post here:

Stitched Together


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