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Make a Wish! - Dandelion NOTD

Dandelion Puff Nail of the Day
Just a quick nail-of-the-day here!

My friend came over and we decided to paint our nails. I instantly fell in love with one of the polishes she brought, a holographic one from OPI. I believe it's Sapphire. If i'm wrong let me know. Anyways I saw a cute pic on pinterest of sky blue nails with a white dandelion puff and I wanted to try it out. I think mine's pretty horrible but I just want to say: I'm definitely getting a holographic color from OPI they are GORGEOUS! And apply and remove like a dream. 

Here's the pic!
I didn't really have the lighting to capture the holographicnosity but It's there! In the light I had the purple was showing a lot, it's slightly more blue. 

What's your favorite designer series or other holographic nail-polish?

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