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Pastel Bunny NOTD

A bunny design was requested by my lovely viewer, trenitynailart. I, unfortunately, deleted the video footage of this tutorial so I'll explain the steps as best as I can. Also, I'm going to do a SECOND bunny tutorial that will be up WITH VIDEO asap :) 


Essie TrillionNails base coat, L'OREAL Penthouse pink, Sally hansen White On, Essence  Exits on the Right
Tools: Pencil, nail art brushes, Q-tip, and dotting tool- Get creative! ;)
Acyrlics- NOTE: I do not recommend using a paint as your base color, they're much better for detail work.

  1. Start by prepping your nails however you like, I'll have a video on my favorite polish removers, base coats, and files soon :) 
  2. Paint your base color, I chose a sky blue so that my non-bunny nails would look like a cloudy sky with grass. To see basically the same steps with different colors, check out this sunny day nail tutorial. To make it even simpler you could just use a dotting tool and do different pastel colored dots :) 
  3. Choose your bunny nails and bunny polish color- I recommend just choosing 1 or two of your biggest nails whenever you do animals because you'll be focused on them and they'll look cuter as accents- IN MY OPINION, do whatever your heart fancies!
  4. I used a dotting tool for a big circle-head, and oval-ears. Then I used the same shirt, nose and inner ear color on the tip of a sharpened pencil.
  5. I used a tiny nail art brush for the whiskers, if you don't have one try a pin but a toothpick's probably too big.
    1.  NOTE: The way I did my bunnies (with whiskers and a nose only) is just my personal painting style and also, frankly, easier. If you like you can take the time to include a mouth or eyes but if you're a n00b then leave them out because they're the easiest way to make a  wonky looking animal. (I have an aptitude for accidental-cross eyes :P )
  6.  Don't forget to clean around the edges, I love these precision tipped Q-tips from Target. 
  7. Top coat's also a really good idea ESPECIALLY if you've used acrylic paints! 
I hope you enjoy, please let me know if my text-tutorial was hard to follow. Sorry for the lack of pictures, I didn't plan on only having them. 

Here's your goal/inspiration- have fun! 

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