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Cleaning My Makeup Collection

Sun 18. November 1:57 pm

I'm finally going to start blogging again! I decided to forget about trying to just make this a nail blog. This is going to by my life-blog with a focus on beauty, nails and fashion from now on.

To start it off I took some pictures last weekend when I was cleaning up around my desk and makeup collection. I also put away the stuff I only reach for in summer and traded for my more fall and winter

Here's the before:

And here are some after pics:

 My everyday eye and face products are stored in this little thingy mabobber from Salvation Army. In front are One By One waterproof mascara from Maybelline and Heather Silk blush from Wet N Wild to remind me to buy replacements.
 The brushes I need to clean and my Sonia Kashuk brush cleanser are ready to go to the bathroom for a bath :)
 My Winter/Fall face products :)
 My fall eye products
 More eye products are stored in this glass bowl because they're too little to store in the other wooden thingy.
In a vintage glass jam jar I have all my mascaras, eyeliners, and eye primers.

I also have a little jewelry box with 4 drawers for lip gloss and a caboodle with makeup I early used stored in it until I have recitals, shows, or competitions because I use that for..those. Anyways, I'll have a lip products collection and a what's in my performance makeup case another time :)


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