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Nail Polish HAUL!

I got a $10 off $20 purchase from Sally Beauty Supply for my birthday so I went a little nuts with nail polish!
I didn't even like a few of the ones I got once I was out of the store, one the color was just wrong for a tutorial I bought it for and the other, I looked up swatches and it goes on so patchy and thin I know I'll never wear it.
The ones I'm keeping are:

Sally Girl Pea-Body $0.94
Image Credit: Steph's Closet
Sally Girl IQ $0.94
Sally Girl Simple $0.94

Image Credit: peacelovefashionxoxo
China Glaze Unpredictable $5.99 (Fall 2012 Bohemian Collection)
Image Credit: scrangie
China Glaze Top Coat $5.99 (Review coming soon, I'm ON THE HUNT for a non chipping and non shrinking shiny top coat- ISTHATTOOMUCHTOASK?!)

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