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Splatter Paint NOTD + Video Tutorial!

I've finally made another video tutorial, I hope you like it! Here are a few pics of my adventures in nail-splatter painting! Make sure you've got a nice big area covered for this design!


  • Base polish (I used Essence Nail Color in "You Belong To Me*)
  • Acrylic Paints (I used Craftsmart and Apple brands from Michaels Craft Store)
  • Top Coat (I used a crap one from Nina Pro, I don't recommend it- chips in a day)
  • I also used a base coat it's totally optional but in case you're wondering it's Sally Hansen maximum growth daily nail treatment.
  • Nail art brush (or any brush really!)
  • Water, this should be in a container you don't care about because it will get the acrylic paint all over it, it's also best if it's rather shallow and close to your working surface that way the paint has less space to travel around and get all over stuff. 

The materials I used, my work surface was the backside of an oversized calendar from last year.

My final result...

Just a quick picture of the bottle...I meant to include the swatch picture, oh well.

And if you'd like to see a video tutorial of how to achieve this design in the comfort of your own home (or someone else's if you're not too messy) here's it is! Take a moment to subscribe to my channel and comment if you like. I don't post videos often, but I find them very helpful to watch so I hope you do too!

*Quickie: I LOVE these essence polishes they're great for nail polish hoarders because they're cheap, cool/unique colors, and they're small so 1) they fit in your collection and 2) you don't feel guilty about wasting product because there's not a lot. And OF COURSE- they are amazing quality! Especially the brush, better than any comparably priced nail polish out there. The formula is right up there with my favorites like Revlon and OPI. 

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