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Owl Nailart NOTD

Owl Nail Of The Day

This design isn't very easy but if you get a friend to do it on your dominant hand or just do accent nail with an owl then it'll be a lot easier.

  • an owl-colored nail polish: Revlon Streetwear Polish in Jelly
  • white acrylic paint
  • orange polish: OPI mini from a halloween kit
  • yellow polish: Sinful Colors in Pullover
  • a color that compliments your owl color (you could do pink and blue or black and grey, whatever you want!): Revlon in Copper Penny
  • Toothpick
  • Nail dotting tools or something similar in a few sizes

  • Base coat (optional): I use Essie Trillionails
  • Paint your nails the base color
  • Paint a big semi circle tummy for your owl
  • With a little toothpick paint some little feather lines
  • Use your toothpick again and make little triangles one for the beak, and two for the feet
  • Then use all your different size dotters to make the eyes

Here's the result!

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