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NYC Glitter Eyeliner- 5 Eyeliner Looks

Hey guys,
I made this little video showing my five favorite ways to wear this glittery eyeliner. I worked really hard to do this on my canon camera that doesn't have a viewfinder! Haha that's why there are some times when it's totally out of focus-it also doesn't auto-focus
I got this eyeliner from Influenster to try by the way, so I'll just write a quicky review for y'all :) 

I'll just cut to the chase; this eyeliner is awesome! It is really bendable and you can even sheer it out like I did in one of the looks, which really displays its creaminess. I can go many uses without needing to sharpen it because it is so pigmented and I really don't have to press hard to get a good pigmented line.  The price is VERY cheap for these liners and you can get them at drugstores that carry New York Color products. I am not sure if they have more colors but I am definitly going to pick them up if they do. 

Just a side note, I have tried their other eyeliners and some of them are really hard and not pigmented so I am just going to clarify; I really recommend the Showtime Glitter Eyeliner in Black- I can't vouch for the other ones yet but if I get more I'll review & swatch them too!


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